We Call it Home

Established with love in 2017

Sitting along the beautiful Cherry Creek, Creekside Equestrian is a dream come true. Our wonderful community of horses and riders come together in this incredible setting.  We invite all who may be looking for a new home for their beloved horse to come experience all that we have to offer. This newly rehabbed facility offers indoor and outdoor riding, exercise facilities, open pastures and access to the Cherry Creek Trail system.

Creekside is a family friendly barn that offers options for training by reputable trainers. We have an affiliation with therapeutic riding if needed as well. We are also affiliated with Hope for Hooves Rescue & Adoption.

Come join our growing community and make Creekside Equestrian your new home.

Our Family

The Kuchmans

Jaye, Mimi, McKenzi and Payton Kuchman settled in Colorado in 1997. Jaye Kuchman developed his appreciation for horses and the farming lifestyle while growing up on a family farm in New Jersey. Mimi developed her love and passion for horses at a young age spending time with her aunt in the hills of Leesberg, VA and at Wellington in Palm Beach, Fla. Embracing the values that are developed working with large animals and the appreciation for the hard work that goes into this lifestyle,  Mimi and Jaye introduced horses and riding to McKenzi and Payton at ages 5 and 3. This created a lifelong passion for our next generation. This desire for learning coupled with their passion to work with and care for animals has led them to develop a unique property called Creekside Equestrian. This is a place where all are welcome and future generations will have the same opportunity to learn the love and respect of horses and animals.

The Langleys

J-D., LaDonna, and Mariah Langley call Creekside Equestrian their second home.  Mariah began riding at the age of six and  her love for horses grows more every day.  This small community of horses and owners at Creekside Equestrian has become extended family and friends.  Mariah has expanded her contagious passion for horses with her parents, all those who just stop by, and with all of us who call Creekside home for our horses.  J-D. has put his MBA to good use through developing and running the business with our partners.  His goal is to make Creekside Equestrian the safest and most desirable place to board, train, and ride your horses.  LaDonna grew up around horses and is thrilled to have the opportunity to have these beautiful and sensitive animals as part of her daily life once again.

Angel Hoskins

The trainer in residence at Creekside Equestrian is Angel Hoskins. Angel has been training and instructing for over 15 years.  Her personal focus is on dressage and she is a USDF Silver Medalist, however she works with and enjoys teaching a variety of students