A Bit More about Our Facility

The Property

Creekside Equestrian is a full service facility! We offer 12 x 12 sheds with 8 x 6 private tack room attached. These shed rows are 16’ wide and 48’ long; so plenty of room for them to move around and roll safely as our panels have a mesh to the ground. Another option offered are shed rows of similar size with full private tack rooms of 6 x 12. We also have 4 shed rows with a group tack room in the barn. And lastly, we have barn stalls connected to outdoor runs with a group tack room. There are a few shed row runs that have an extra 7’ width for larger horses or to combine two smaller ones.


Board ranges from $600-$1,100 and includes hay and/or alfalfa twice daily up to 8 flakes, the feeding of any grain you supply, and winter blanketing. You can add a lunch feed for an additional fee. We have Hoskins automatic waterers in most runs.


The site offers an indoor arena 70’ x 178’, a full size dressage outdoor sand arena 66’ x 198’ and two European 70’ round pens. We will be adding another outdoor arena soon 70’ x 150’ and extending our indoor to a full size Dressage length with insulation.

For all the trail people out there, we have direct access to the Cherry Creek trail system right out the back pasture! We have help living on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our facility has cameras at all entry/exits. Ownership is available by phone 24/7.