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How long have you been in business?

We purchased the property in August of 2016, spent the next couple of months doing some major cleaning and fixing, and brought our first horses on in September of that year.  We had capacity limitations until we completed the groundwork and building the new sheds in mid 2018.  as of May 2019, we have 58 shed-row runs available.

How large is your facility?

We have 42 acres, most of it natural and available for riding.  We have two accesses to the Cherry Creek trail system for additional riding.

What riding facilities so you have?

We have a heated and insulated indoor arena which measures 70’ x 178’.  We also have 2 outdoor arenas – a dressage arena measuring 66’(20m) x 198(60m) and an over sized arena 120’ x 220’.  We also have two 70’ European exercise and training rounds.

What type of footing do the arenas have?

The outdoor arenas have a sand with felt footing.  The indoor has a felt footing mix.  The rounds have sand footing.

How much are the arenas worked and watered?

All the arenas are worked daily.  the door arena is watered daily and the outdoor areas are watered as needed.

Describe the horse runs.

Most of the runs are 16’ x 49’ with custom-made Noble panels which have a heavy gauge 2” x 4” metal mesh extending 4’ high on the panels.  The panels rest against the ground to protect the horse from casting.  The shed opening measures 12’ x 12’.  Each standard run includes a private tack room aprox. 6’ x 4’.  Some existing runs have a different configuration and share community tack rooms,  The existing rums open to the south and the new runs open to the east.

What is provided as far as feeding for the horses?

We have high quality grass hay and alfalfa twice daily, per owner directions.  If  an owner provides grain in labeled baggies, we will feed AM or PM or both.

Is there an extra charge for blanketing the horses?

No, blanketing for the horses is included with the cost of boarding       .

How often do the runs get cleaned?

Typically, the runs are cleaned daily, with rare exception.

Does your facility require clients to wear helmets?

Yes, for your safety we require all riders to wear helmets.

What kind of waterers do you use?

We have Hoskins heated automatic waterers for all the pens.

Do you have 24 x 7 support coverage?

Our foreman lives on site.  We have a team of three supporting your horse care.  There is a 9pm bed check every evening.

What is your horse emergency protocol?

For medical care, they contact the horse owner, facility management, and/or the horse vet.

Do you have an onsite vet and farrier?

No, each owner has an arrangement with their own vet and farrier.  We welcome new vets and farriers to our facility.  Creekside Equestrian does not provide a vet or farrier.

Are trainers allowed to train at your facility?

Yes, We have a number of trainers that come to work with our boarders.  We also have some trainers with horses boarded with us.  As long as the trainers is working with horses boarded with us, the trainers are welcome to come use our facilities with no additional charge.  The trainer will need to carry insurance and supply us with proof of insurance.

Do you allow trailer-in horses?

Yes, for a trailer -in fee, outside horses are allowed.  The standard waiver and medical paperwork is required for trailer-in.

Do you provide horseback riding or trail riding?

Not at this time.  The horses at Creekside Equestrian are owned by the boarders.  If they provide the opportunity for others to use their horses, that is allowed and subject to all Creekside Equestrian expectations and waivers.  We have access to the Cherry Creek trail system from our facility.


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